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Gooralie Pork

Gooralie Free-Range Pork is built around what they call The Gooralie Way.

The Gooralie Way is a unique way of raising, producing and delivering the best tasting Pork in Australia.

Yagaburne Beef

Yagaburne Beef strives to consistently provide flavoursome, top-quality beef, whilst maintaining the integrity of their cattle and the sustainability of the land. Yagaburne takes pride in overseeing the entire supply chain operation from breeding to fattening.

Barambah Organics 

Barambah Organics are a 100% Australian-owned company committed to producing high-quality, organic-certified dairy products that are good
for your health. Barambah's milk is sourced from
farms in our region. 

Karbullah Lamb

Karbullah is focused on producing merino sheep
in the Goondiwindi region. Karbullah has developed a rare mix in the industry specialising in producing a merino with high fertility, superior wool and excellent meat properties


A family business specialising in worms! Using only locally sourced, clean inputs, they produce vermicompost, leachate and liquid extracts for use in broadacre farming, horticulture, orchards and home gardens / lawns.

Woodspring Farm

Woodspring farm is a small family cattle farm in Inglewood, Queensland, a few hundred kilometres west of Brisbane. Woodspring believe in looking after the animals, the land and their family and hopefully yours too!

Inglewood Farms

Inglewood Organic Chicken is Australia’s leading producer of Organic Free-Range chicken. They are dedicated to rearing premium quality chicken using strict Certified Organic farming methods. Whether you’re cooking for health or eating for pleasure, Inglewood Farm birds are better for you.


Qualipac is an Australian owned farming enterprise that specialises in growing, packing and supplying quality produce throughout Australia and overseas. Qualipac pride themselves on supplying excellent products and utilising the best and most efficient farming methods and practices. 

AJD Farming

AJD Farming is a family owned enterprise located near Yelarbon that prides itself on growing the finest produce. AJD Farming produce a wide variety of crops including pulses such as Black Eyed Peas and Azuki Beans as well as cereal crops, and also have a horticultural program focusing on premium Pumpkin production.

Coolmunda Olives

At Coolmunda Olives great pride is taken in nurturing an organic crop for the freshest, tastiest and healthiest products delivered from grove to table. Located near Inglewood, the climate is perfect for producing plump, juicy olives.

Leven K Lavender Farm

Leven K Lavender farm is located in Southern Queensland 11km from the town of Inglewood. Kellie and Matt welcome groups of all sizes to view their beautiful gardens, to wander through the lavender farm (which is especially pretty during summer when in full bloom) explore the unique lavender shop full of goodies, or watch the onsite distillery at work.

Goondiwindi Cotton

The philosophy is simple – Goondiwindi Cotton use superior natural fibres such as 100% Cotton and 100% Linen to design a range of seasonal collections that effortlessly balance seasonal trends with timeless style. Garments not only look good but they feel great too.

Goondiwindi Cotton is an 100% Australian owned and operated family farming business who opened their doors 30 years ago in Goondiwindi and continue to
operate throughout the region, employing local men and women.

Macintyre Brook
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives grown along the banks of the Macintyre-Brook River by Meron family and co. Their holistic approach to farming sees cattle and sheep grazed throughout the grove.


Carpendale Group is a vertically integrated grain production, storage, trading and logistics operation situated in Australia’s Prime Hard wheat, barley and sorghum growing region with proximity to the Port of Brisbane

Human Bean Co

Born from the earth on their farm in Queensland, beans are grown under the stunning Australian sun. The Woods family are passionate about sustainable farming, from crop rotation to GMO free seeds. Nurturing the land benefits not only our sensitive eco-system but also provides us with better food.

Carefully sow, grow, harvest. That’s what they believe in.

Hayes Spraying

Hayes Spraying is a local manufacturer of agricultural equipment, used extensively both in Australia and beyond. Hayes Spraying has a state of the art workshop facility and a strong team of manufacturing and assembly specialists. Interestingly, Hayes has held the record for the world’s longer sprayer since 1991!

Goanna Telemetry

Goanna Telemetry Systems is a company owned by a group of agronomists, electronics engineers and computer programmers that are developing sensing equipment for agricultural applications. They are producing technology to remotely monitor water levels and subsoil moisture, and allowing this equipment to communicate with each other across farm. 


InFarm is an artificial intelligence and technology company focused on agriculture. Currently the team has developed a drone to tractor fallow weed solution, that will help minimise chemical. This will help save farmers thousands of dollars every year whilst also assisting in the reduction of chemical use.

KFC Milling

Fully integrated commercial grading plant located at Bungunya, Queensland. Supplier of KFC Stockfeed and sprouting barley for fodder sheds.

Smithfield Cattle Co

Smithfield Cattle Company is a family owned, state of the art cattle operation, growing and marketing cattle both domestically and internationally. A chance to visit a wordclass working feedlot.



Jojoba Natural makes Skin Care Products with Pure Australian Jojoba Oil. Australian Natural Jojoba, direct from our plantation to you.


Sunpork is owned by three Queensland farming families who all have a long association with the pork industry and care about its future, as they do their farms, staff and animals under their care. Sunpork serves our country great tasting, fresh, nutritious and innovative pork products.



Yarranbrook Feedlot and Farms is a specialist beef cattle backgrounding, lot feeding and finishing service based in the heart of the Border Rivers region. 

Hall's Stockhorses

Halls Stock Horses are situated at “Lightview”, 12km east of Goondiwindi, Queensland, the home of Terry and Chris and their 2 campdrafting stallions. Terry Hall is regarded as one of the finest drovers, campdrafters and horsemen this country has ever seen, Christine a superb horsewoman in her own right.


Growth Ag

Growth Agriculture have worked to bring the best, most cost effective solutions to a wide range of agricultural and horticultural needs. From improving soil fertility with our organic based fertilisers to making sure farmers get the best efficacy from sprays with our compatibility-buffering surfactants, they have a range of niche products.

Algae Pharm

Algae Pharm grow microalgae in Queensland, Australia. Constant sunlight, stable climate, and clean air provide perfect conditions for microalgae.



MCA Ag offer complete client-specific farm management and operational services from financial advisory, staff and machinery selection to research, development and scientific services necessary for production.

Lowes Petroleum

Born in the heart of regional Australia. A joint venture between bp Australia and Lowes Petroleum Service, with vast experience in the storage and transportation of fuel and lubricant products to regional and remote areas in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania..


Jojoba Natural makes Skin Care Products with Pure Australian Jojoba Oil. Australian Natural Jojoba, direct from our plantation to you.


Peter Corish

Previous National Farmers Federation president and holder of a long list of accolades in the agricultural industry, Peter Corish has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Dr Viv Perry

Dr Perry has been instrumental to the development and integration of bull morphology examination into the Australian BBSE program. Dr Perry has continued to teach undergraduate and postgraduate veterinarians in male ruminant reproduction at the Universities of Queensland, Adelaide and most recently at the University of Nottingham in the UK where she held the post of Associate Professor in Veterinary Reproduction.


Proterra Group

Proterra Group Pty Ltd specialises in partnering with councils in regional and remote areas. Specialising in data collection, project management and engineering and waste management.

Lucy Walker Pharmacy

Lucy is a passionate rural community pharmacist. Winning the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy of the Year in 2017, and more recently participating as one of the first pharmacies in Australia to trial drone delivery of medications.


Lori & Robert Mackay

Lori and Robert are local farmers with an absolute passion for horses. A trip to their farm will include a unique welcome, a great display of horsemanship, working cattle dogs and a magnificent morning tea on the McIntyre River.


To find out more about some of the other wonderful, leading producers that call the Goondiwindi region home, please get in contact with the Discover Farming team at

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