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The second weekend in May is dedicated to ‘discovering’ Inglewood. Here is a list of 8 farm experiences you don’t want to miss:

  1. Coolmunda Organic Olives – Nestled in the heart of QLD’s premier olive growing region on the banks of the stunning Lake Coolmunda, walk through the 5,000 strong grove of hand-planted olive trees, learn about the process that brings this gourmet food to your table and taste some of the finest olives grown in the Australian countryside.

  2. Qualipac Produce – ‘Pumpkins! Onions! Broccoli!’ - A family owned farming enterprise that specialises in growing, packing and supplying fresh vegies from the paddock to your door. We’ll take a walk between the rows of a vegie crop in between looking through their Inglewood packaging plant and learning about what makes Qualipac tick.

  3. Leven K Lavender – Who doesn’t love good, authentic lavender oil? Step into a new world and witness the traditional art of lavender harvesting, sample some home grown Lavender oil and get first dibs on what’s on offer in The Farm Shop.

  4. AJD Farming – Anthony prides himself on growing the finest produce using the most environmentally friendly practices. We’ll learn the ins and outs of cereal and pulses production and learn how a little horticulture on the outside fits into the business.

  5. Woodspring Sprout Fed Beef – Woodspring’s doing something a little different . . . See the process and reasoning behind feeding cattle on sprouted barley, and sample their flavoursome produce.

  6. Macintyre Brook Grove – World class olive oil - need I say more? We will learn about their process of delivering first class olive oil from the paddock and straight to the consumer, before sampling some of the produce ourselves.

  7. Whetstone Farm – Take some time out of your weekend for an on-farm journey into organic sheep production, before we stop for lunch at a secret location featuring amazing locally sourced produce.

  8. A true paddock-to-plate experience at Coolmunda Olives – join us for an intimate evening of casual dining on the Saturday, overlooking Lake Coolmunda at sunset. Talk to the farmers, eat the produce and party the night away.

Visit our event page to book one of two Inglewood tours available on the Saturday and the casual dining experience on the Saturday night and use #discoverfarming2018 on social media.




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