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On the third weekend in May we will find out what Goondiwindi is all about!

The Discover Farming main event will take centre stage on Saturday. The ‘Gather’ dining experience is an invite only, industry event with our top local producers and industry leaders coming together to showcase the diversity and quality of our local produce.

Barambah Organics, Karbullah Lamb, Gooralie Free Range Pork, Human Bean Co, Macintyre Brook Olive Oil and more will all be on the custom-made menu for the event.

But the weekend doesn’t stop there, jump on the bus with us on the Saturday and join us for some eye opening, on-farm experiences.

We will traverse through some of Queensland’s most fertile farming country, before disembarking for an on-farm forage at Karbullah Merinos. Feel freshly shorn wool in the shearing shed, take a tour through the saltbush crop and hear the story behind the success before sampling some juicy, saltbush flavoured produce.

A short drive and we’ll be at Carpendale Commodities, a world class provider in grain storage, trading and transport for a full scale on-farm tour, including lunch.

Spend the afternoon at a mixed farming tour at Rexton with the Archer Pastoral group and learning about the benefits of Jojoba, before ending the day in Goondiwindi and experiencing a hearty pub meal at one of Goondiwindi’s four local drinking holes.

Visit our event page to book a spot of the bus on Saturday and use #discoverfarming2018 to share your experience on social media.




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