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During the month long unearthing of everything Goondiwindi, the local high school students will be given the chance to look deeper into the realm of farming and discover what agriculture has to offer in two amazing school events focusing on primary production and spatial science.

The three local high schools will travel to Inglewood on the 21st May for an on-farm tasting journey to Woodspring Sprout Fed Beef and Coolmunda Olives. The students will wander among the cattle in their natural environment before discovering the secret of barley sprout production, visiting the on-farm butchery and sampling the sprout fed beef with a BBQ lunch. At Coolmunda Olives, the students will take a walk through the grove, visit the olive processing plant with an in depth discussion on the process of preparing olives for human consumption and taste the six varieties of olives grown on the shores of Lake Coolmunda, before heading back to Gundy.

On The 24th May, the spatial science workshop will allow the next generation of agriculturists to get hands on with the technology side of agriculture. With five guest presenters on the day, the student will get an idea of what rewarding careers agriculture can offer.

Chris Mills from Strategenics, Meg Kummerow from FlyTheFarm, Bjorn van Wilsem Vos from Chesterfield, Mick Law from the QLD Spatial Information Council and Tim Neale from DataFarming, will all share their knowledge in how technology is changing the game of agriculture on all fronts. The students will watch drones used for aerial surveying, get hands on with mapping software, look inside the cab of a GPS controlled tractor and watch technology used to plan drainage basins, survey dams and create soil maps.

The future of agriculture relies on the future generations, at Discover Farming we are dedicated to introducing this next generation to the broad scope of careers available in the agricultural industry.

Discover the future.




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